Song of Praise

David Bowles
5 min readMay 31, 2024

The twelfth cuicatl in Songs of the Lords of Anahuac, my English translation of the codex Romances de los señores de la Nueva España.

For Axayacatl, King of Tenochtitlan¹; Nezahualpilli, of Tetzcoco²;
and Chimalpopoca, of Tlacopan³

The Flower Tree⁴
is twisting
is blossoming
in your home,
our lord and god.⁵

Myriad birds⁶ emerge
to sip from blooms
and trill their songs
in your home,
our lord and god.



David Bowles

A Mexican American author & translator from South Texas. Teaches literature & Nahuatl at UTRGV. President of the Texas Institute of Letters.