List of Mexican American Futurism

David Bowles
2 min readDec 12, 2022


Recommended Reading for Nican Huehcatlatolli

(Drawn from my article on Mexican American futurism, “Braiding Past into Future.”)

Acevedo, Mario. The Felix Gomez series, books 1–7.
Alcalá, Kathleen. Spirits of the Ordinary.
Aldama, Frederick Luis. Long Stories Cut Short: Fictions from the Borderlands.
Barajas, Henry. Helm Greycastle.
Barba Higuera, Donna. The Last Cuentista.
Bowles, David. The Blue-Spangled Blue. The Path #1.
— . Chupacabra Vengeance.
— . Lords of the Earth.
— . Garza Twins series.
— . 13th Street series.
— . The Clockwork Curandera
Bradley, Lisa M. Exile.
Brenda, Libia (ed.). A Larger Reality: Speculative Fiction from the Bicultural Margins
— . A Larger Reality 2.0: A Timeline in Which We Don’t Go Extinct
Castro, V. Aliens: Vasquez.
— . Goddess of Filth.
— . The Haunting of Alejandra.
Cervantes, J.C. The Storm Runner series.
— . Shadow Bruja series.
— . Flirting with Fate
Duncan, Scott Russell, Jenny Irizary, Armando Rendon (editors). El Porvenir, ¡Ya!: Citlalzazanilli Mexicatl.
Durán, Aaron. Season of the Bruja.
García McCall, Guadalupe. Summer of the Mariposas.
— . The Keeper.
— . Echoes of Grace.
García, R.Ch. Death Song of the Dragon Chicxulub.
Goodwin, Matthew David (editor). Latinx Rising: An Anthology of Latinx Science Fiction and Fantasy.
— , Sarah Rafael García, Alex Hernández (editors). Speculative Fiction for Dreamers.
Hogan, Nestor. High Aztech.
— . Cortez on Jupiter.
— . Smoking Mirror Blues.
Huerta, Lizz. The Lost Dreamer Duology.
McLemore, Anna-Marie. The Weight of Feathers.
— .When the Moon Was Ours.
— . Lakelore.
Mejía, Tehlor Kay. We Set the Dark on Fire.
— . We Unleash the Merciless Storm.
Merla-Watson, C.J. and B.V. Olguín. Altermundos: Latin@ Speculative Literature, Film, and Popular Culture.
Moreno-García, Silvia. Signal to Noise.
— . Certain Dark Things.
— . Gods of Jade and Shadow.
— . Mexican Gothic.
— . The Daughter of Doctor Moreau.
Olivas, Daniel. How to Date a Flying Mexican.
Thomas, Aiden. The Sunbearer Trials.
Vourvoulias, Sabrina. Ink.



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