Ceaseless Flower Song

David Bowles
3 min readMay 12, 2024

The second cuicatl in Songs of the Lords of Anahuac, my English translation of the codex Romances de los señores de la Nueva España.

I, Yohyontzin¹, shall come to this place
craving blossoms, intoning songs,
shredding petals as I reach the earth,
petals from cocoa blooms,
petals from flowering friends.
(They are your flesh, O Prince,
Lord Nezahualcoyotl: Yohyotzin.)

I have come drawing down my holy hymns,
and still I draw them down, dear friends!
Those who were known as your peers
must yet be generous hosts.

For just a time I enjoy myself,
for just a time my heart goes merry
upon this…



David Bowles

A Mexican American author & translator from South Texas. Teaches literature & Nahuatl at UTRGV. President of the Texas Institute of Letters.